Why donate to Concussions Speak?

Hammond School (SC) 2013 Concussion Speak Event

Hammond School (SC) 2013 Concussion Speak Event

Concussions Speak is run by Middlebury students (Emma, Kait & Sierra) who use the donations for website hosting costs, and travel to schools and sporting organizations to tell our stories.

After many speaking events for Concussions Speak at The Hammond School (SC) or Osler Ski Club (ON) we are proud to have run numerous events focused on sharing our stories and creating awareness. We would LOVE to do more of these and need your help with travel costs. As well, we hope to expand the concussion dialogue to high schools through a mentoring program, encouraging students to share their stories.

Through a donor model, we hope to get funding from schools, grateful patients who have a connection to concussions, and health grants.

How is this project unique? What impact will it have?

Currently, there are very limited forums for concussions or mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), and online support networks. Concussions Speak would be the base for an open concussion community that would connect those in need with those that have been through a similar experience.  Our hope is that the initial impact will be to raise the bar for websites on TBI’s and create a community centered around aiding recovery. The future impact will have more diagnoses and better treatment, as athletes begin comparing stories. Through greater awareness, our goal is to get the number of concussions to begin to fall.

Concussions have become an epidemic, and we look forward to having your support as we build this support network and raise awareness.